2018 will be on the most favorable year for cryptocurrency. Many ICOs are interested in solving problems with the blockchain technology, and MST is among such platforms. Their ICO is yet to start. MST is a special currency. This article will explain what makes MST special, and describe its value proposition, market and the details of their token.

The idea

MST is a cryptocurrency without trading fees that aims to maximize trader’sprofit. The main purpose of MST is to solve some of the problems between buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. MST solves the problem of trading margin and trading fees. We are all aware that cryptocurrency trades are expensive due to the high demand and low availability.

MST is there to boost trades profits. They will work for hand in hand with their users to provide them with a safe and secure exchange. They will also provide the low fees for their users. MST team did a great job in crafting a trading platform for the world. The platform is an advanced and reliable platform.

The main purpose of the platform is to match the market demands of the coins and ensure the availability of cryptocurrencies.

MST on paper

There are two steps involved in MST coins

The First step is to create a state channel. The MST state channel allows users to load their COIN app into their mobile wallet. Both the MST and the user’s device save a copy of the channel’s current state.

The second step is to conduct state changes and transactions. Each user will receive a visual prompt from the MST wallet with the value of the transaction. Similar to traditional tap and play, the user can initiate transactions with the MST coin.Once the user authorizes any transaction on the MST AI trading platform, the platform receives the counter-sign, signs the transaction and store a copy of the new state off-chain. MST then pays the requested purchase from its local currency through its global payment Network for the user. The transaction occurs without any network latency and computational time.

MST in practice

MST ensures that funds are always ready. There are no fees for conducting transactions as long as the state channel remains open. However, this offer is only available to users who have the minimum of 10,000 tokens.

MST also allows users to retrieve most of their pending MST coin in the channel. They do so by withdrawing their funds. The platform makes the user publish and sign a withdrawal request. It is possible to make half withdrawals. So the user can decide to retrieve part or all of their funds.

Finally, MST allows one of its parties to sign and publish a close request to the state channel. The closing period is the period in which either party can submit their recent transactions.

Why choose MST

Here are the following user requirements for choosing MST COINS.

  1. All assetsare located on one platform: MST is a multi-crypto wallet but does not provide AI intelligence trading platform. A user can use its wallet to safe and secure funds.
  2. Guarantees and trust: MST is a decentralized exchange that allows users to hold all the commands to their funds. Not even the MST platform itself can block its user’s funds. The user has the choice to withdraw their funds whenever they wish.
  3. Cross-chain exchange: Due to the rapid increase in Cross chain exchange, MST provides the best trading platform that cross chain currencies. Many cross chain currencies will be listed for users.
  4. Always available: MST platform will be available24/7 so that users can quickly perform transactions securely and quickly at any time of the day. The platform will be opened 24/7.
  5. Speed: MST has integrated API into their platform to provide speed for its users. API capabilities allow users to trade millions of coins in a matter of seconds and provide the best source of tick history to enjoy the trading platform.
  6. Reliability and safety: MST has made preventive measures to avoid hacking. The platform keeps 90% of its fund in the cold wallet to prevent theft. The platform uses the most upgraded and latest protection to protect its user’s funds.

The token

Most new and upcoming ICOs raise funds and hold a large portion of the shares with them. They hold a large portion of shares than the investors, which gives them the power to manipulate the market demand and supply. They end up dumping coins in the market and make investors and traders pay for the price resulting in a loss.

MST has a plan to avoid this situation. MST will conduct a token generation event to promote and develop the MST platform. The MST event will release unlimited supply of MST token. MST vision is to allow their investors to gain more profits. They have made an avenue for all the investors to majority the tokens for sale.

Through this, investors don’t have to worry about the total coin supply, circulating coin supply and the maximum coin supply. There is no maximum number of coins available for the presale. Only a selected group of people will hold MST COIN, which is better than allowing the whole community to hold the coin. They have a dedicated team of professionals and developers that are performing deep research on the AI trading platforms. The team’s Job is to make the platform more sophisticated, to allow automated trade, and prepare the token allocation chart and the fund allocation.

ERC -20 token

The MST coin is implemented as an ERC-20 token using the Ethereum smart contract.

The ERC-20 establishes a standard contract for tokens on the blockchain technology and has become the representation of all the digital assets.

All the ERC-20 tokens share the same core interface that simplifies the integration with external contracts.

The ERC-20 token is important for the balance, transfer, approval and the allowance of MST COIN. The smart contract also has additional functionality to create and finalize the crowd sales of MST COINs. The interface is automatically responsible for sending money to hardware and refunding users in the case of a failed crowd sale.

THE ERC token smart contract is written in a programming language and will be accessible and free for the entire public to use.

The ERC-20 defines a common set of rules for all ethereum tokens to follow. This implies that the token will empower developers to predict how the new token functions within the large ethereum system. ERC-20 is designed to be compatible with the new tokens. This means that the tokens released through the Initial coin offerings are ERC-20 compliant.

ERC-20 specifies six basic functions for the benefits of tokens within the Ethereum system. The basic functionality includes how users can access data about a token and how tokens are transferred. ERC-20 signals determine which tokens are attuned to and which token takes on.

Putting together this set of signals and functions ensures that the Ethereum tokens work the same way in any place within the Ethereum system. This implies that almost all the wallets which support ERC-20 also support the ether currency.

ERC is technically still under development, meaning that it neither has notbeen enforced by the broader Ethereum community. Since the development is still undergoing, there would likely be some troubleshooting that will occur as the Ethereum technology continues to develop.

One significant issue with the Ether tokens is that the tokens sent to a smart contract will lose money. An error in the protocol implies that a token’s contract cannot respond to a direct transfer resulting in the loss of money associated with that transfer.

ICO details

The total MST supply token is unlimited and the token price is 1 MSTCOIN= 0.000066 ETH

which is equal to 1 MST or 1.1616 THB.

The presale date is meant to start on the 3rd of May, 2018 to the 10th of May, 2018. The ICO will start on 21th of May, 2018. The public sales will commence about 1–2 weeks after the second presales. To uncover the 0% transfer fees 10,000 MST coin must be purchased during the ICO sale.

The maximum token available for the ICOis 500,000 MST Coin and there will be a minimum limit to the purchase of the token.

MST wallet

The MST wallet is a cross-platform that enables users to store MST COIN. The MST COIN wallet will allow users to

  • view their MST balance
  • Generate a new address on the blockchain network
  • View pending releases and transactions
  • Create and display payment request.
  • Help to keep MST CASH

There are couples of ways to keep MST cash

1. Through Desktop wallet on Mac, Linux, and Desktop

2. through web wallet (MST)

3. through mobile wallet (IOS, and Android app).


Thailand and Indian’s remain the largest countries with the most cryptocurrency traders. The MST AI trading platform aims to provide a user-friendly interface for its users in Thailand and India.




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